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Britta Hughes & Austin Zahn — Minted

Britta Hughes


Austin Zahn

Britta Hughes and Austin Zahn

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Our Story

Once upon a weekend in 2016, Britta was dancing her way through a little country music festival called ‘Stagecoach’ when she strolled past a group of young men, one of whom boldly approached Britta but was very quickly rebuffed. Very soon after, a tall handsome member of that group approached her to offer an apology for his friends’ manners. Charmed and thirsty, Britta decided there could be no harm if she accepted Austin's invitation to join him for a quick drink. After a short while, they parted ways with a smile and Britta two-stepped her way back to her friends. They had no idea how small a world it was until…

The weekend ended and Austin was back in L.A. recapping the festival highlights with his friend Bryce. Not long into the conversation, he mentioned meeting a cute girl named Britta. Imagine Austin’s surprise, when after a few quick questions, Bryce announced that Britta was his cousin! What are the chances? Bryce also let Austin know that, unfortunately, Britta was already in a relationship with someone else.

It would not be until a family wedding a year later (shout out Brooke and Andrew) that the two of them would cross paths again. Britta being there with her ‘then boyfriend’ meant things were not looking promising for Austin. However, luckily for both of them, they know how to tear up a dance floor and it was there that the stagecoach memories from a year before began to stir up the previous festival sparks. This time, that encounter was enough to prompt Britta to ask Bryce for the ‘Austin story’. She may have let it slip that she thought Austin was “cute.” Later, upon hearing about the conversation, Austin was offered a sliver of hope that perhaps he might see her again in the future.

The next ‘run in’ wouldn’t take place for another 2 years. Britta will never forget how romantic Austin was as he confidently proclaimed "Bryce's cousin is still smok’n hot" from the other side of a USC/UOA football tailgate.

And the rest is both history AND a happily ever after!!